Alfred Sisley

Alfred Sisley About Famous for his Impressionist landscapes, this nineteenth-century French-born painter is remembered for


José Sabogal

José Sabogal About Muralist and painter who became a leader of the Peruvian Indigenist movement and was among its earliest


Vija Celmins

Vija Celmins About Latvian-born artist known for her photo-realistic art and for her monochromatic paintings and pop


Tamara De Lempicka

Tamara De Lempicka About Glamorous Polish painter who was part of the Art Deco movement. Her inclusion in the movement was


Aaron Douglas

Aaron Douglas About Painter and illustrator associated with the Harlem Renaissance and known for “Power Plant,


Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo About Painter and visual artist who is known for his unique portraits which feature elements of both realism and



NustinWorld About Young artist who rose to fame after posting her drawings of celebrities on her Twitter and Instagram,


Ordan Petlevski

Ordan Petlevski About Painter who was known for the morbid style of his work. He participated in over 200 international


Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter About Top-selling photo-painter and abstract artist whose best-known works included “Atlas” and


Aydin Aghdashloo

Aydin Aghdashloo About Iranian painter, graphic artist, and writer. He is known for having been awarded the Legion of Honour


Isabel Sofia Rock

Isabel Sofia Rock About Painter and social media star who is known for posting a variety of lifestyle photos often featuring


Afewerk Tekle

Afewerk Tekle About Proponent of Ethiopian art and culture who became First Laureate of the Haile Selassie I Prize for Fine