Manny Charlton

Manny Charlton About Spanish-born guitarist and founding member of the Scottish hard rock group Nazareth. Life Before


Josh Biondillo

Josh Biondillo About Best known as the lead guitarist and back-up vocalist for the Australian indie pop band San Cisco. He


Dean Roland

Dean Roland About Known best for his work with the 1990s rock band Collective Soul, this rhythm guitarist contributed to such


Billy Jenkins

Billy Jenkins About Guitarist and band leader largely known as the head of the Voice of God Collective. He first became known


Jake Luppen

Jake Luppen About Guitarist known for being one of the founding members of the band¬†Hippo Campus, with whom he’s


Sakai Mitsuki

Sakai Mitsuki About Rock and roll musician who is best known for having assumed guitar duties in the glam rock outfit Kiryu.


Sean Cimino

Sean Cimino About American musician who rose to fame as the lead guitarist of the indie rock band Foster the People. In April


Johnny Thunders

Johnny Thunders About Guitarist for the glam rock band New York Dolls who went on to play with The Heartbreakers. Life Before


Luke Kilpatrick

Luke Kilpatrick About Known in the band by the nickname of Pig, he is the rhythm guitarist for the metalcore band Parkway


Herman Li

Herman Li About Musician and record producer who is the lead guitarist for the British power metal band DragonForce. Life


Daniel Spedding

Daniel Spedding About Famous as a guitarist for the British indie band Dutch Uncles, Daniel “Sped” Spedding


Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner About Renowned guitarist who has toured with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, and KISS. Life Before Becoming Famous His