Little Louie Vega

Little Louie Vega About Puerto Rican DJ best known as one half of the Masters At Work production duo. He is known as a


Niklas Sterner

Niklas Sterner About Better known by his stage name of Steerner, he is a melodic house music DJ and producer with a


Zachary Rapp-Rovan

Zachary Rapp-Rovan About Canadian DJ and producer also known as Hooks who is most famous for being one half of the eclectic


Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker About Dutch DJ known for his unique sound consisting of electro mixed with traces of trap, dubstep and drum and



Cesqeaux About Dutch DJ and producer who exploded in popularity following his collaborations with the famed musical duo


DJ Sidereal

DJ Sidereal About DJ most well known for opening for the likes of mega artists Macklemore and B.O.B, he has gained a


Monika Kruse

Monika Kruse About Techno-DJ who founded her own record label, Terminal M, in the late 90’s. Life Before Becoming


Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens About Dutch DJ perhaps best known for his breakthrough track “Gecko,” which peaked at #2 on the


Simon Mayo

Simon Mayo About Radio presenter of Simon Mayo Drivetime on BBC Radio 2 and Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review on BBC Radio


Johnny 500

Johnny 500 About Dutch DJ who is known for tracks like “Skurbah” and “Nuh Fight Ova Man.”  Life


Robert Gainley

Robert Gainley About DJ and one-half of the electronic duo known as Lost Kings. They are popular for hits such as


Joshua Mellody

Joshua Mellody About British DJ better known by his stage name Zomboy, as well as Place Your Bet$. His Game Time EP was a