Ian A. Hunt

Ian A. Hunt About Television director and producer of British documentary series who directed the 2011 documentary Finding


Andrew Adamson

Andrew Adamson About Director and producer of the Shrek franchise who also directed the first installment of The Chronicles


George Englund

George Englund About Known for his work on such 1960s and ’70s films as The Ugly American, Zachariah, and Snow Job,


Neil Breen

Neil Breen About American director and actor who achieved cult status as the auteur behind the 2013 science-fiction film


Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan About British-American director, screenwriter, and producer who first received acclaim for his 2000 indie


Jules Dassin

Jules Dassin About Hollywood director who was blacklisted during the McCarthy era. Life Before Becoming Famous He was a


Vittorio De Sica

Vittorio De Sica About Italian director who was a leader in the neorealist movement of the 1940’s and 1950’s. His


Harry Winer

Harry Winer About Directed the investigative TV series Veronica Mars starring Kristen Bell. Life Before Becoming Famous He


Daniel Durán

Daniel Durán About Venezuelan director who is known for his work on feature films, short films, and primarily music videos.


Bob Peterson

Bob Peterson About Animator, directer, writer, and voice actor who made his directorial debut with the Pixar hit Up. He has


Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton About Emmy Award-winning filmmaker for his writing and cinematography contributions to Fox Fuel TV’s Next


Christopher Guerrero

Christopher Guerrero About Director, producer, and writer who often works with Buzzfeed. He became the president of Wyoma